BV Bike Plastic 2′ Floor Pump, Reversible Presta & Schrader | BV-FL-03

  • The ergonomic design of this floor pump and large stable foot makes handling the pump easier and quicker. The large base is 9.13 in long.
  • The gauge is 1.81 inch in diameter. Being 2 ft tall, the pump allows the cyclist to pump air back into the tire with ease! Floor pump is also the perfect height so both kids or adults can use it!

Product Description

Max Pressure 160 PSI
Material Reinforced Plastic Barrel
Valve Type Reversible Presta and Schrader Valves – See Demo Photo for Switching
Gauge Dimensions  1.81 in Diameter – High-Mounted
Pump Dimensions (L, H, W) 9.13 in (base) x 24-39* in x 5 in (base) (26.03 cm x 64.8-109.2* cm x 12.7 cm) * Height extends when in use.
Color  Black Barrel, Base and Handle
Weight  1.64 lbs (26.24 oz)


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