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BV 5 LED Headlight & Taillight Safety Light Set | BV-L805

  • EASY INSTALLATION/TOOL-LESS INSTALLATION: Simply mount the quick-release mounts on the handlebar and the seat post of your bike and attach the lights on them. The lights are removable from the mounts.
  • AAA BATTERIES NEEDED: Each light needs 2 AAA batteries. In other words, you will need 4 AAA batteries for this bicycle light set.
  • SUPER BRIGHT BIKE LIGHT AND 3 MODES ON EACH LIGHT: You can choose your favorite mode for your riding—Steady, Flashing, and Chasing. Visible to motorist over 1500 feet away.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Rain or shine, summer or winter—any weather condition, any time—enjoy enhanced visibility and you will be safe at any time of the day.

Product Description

Headlight Mounts onto Handlebars by Quick-Release Mount

Taillight Mounts onto Handlebars by Quick-Release Mount

5 LED Headlight and 5 LED Taillight Set
Specifications (For Each Light)
LED Modes Steady
Fast blinking
Run Time 30 hours steady
65 hours flashing
(Tested using standard alkaline batteries.)
Lumens 20 Lumens
Batteries 2 x AAA for each light (not included)
Water Resistant Yes
Mount Type Toolless Headlight (Plus Quick-Release Clip)
Bracket Taillight (Plus Quick-Release Clip)
Dimensions (without mount) 2.75 in x 1.5 in x 1.2 in (7 cm x 3.8 cm x 3 cm)
Weight 1.7 oz (48 g)
Item No. BV-L805


Detail Specs

The BV 5 LED Safety Light Set mounts quickly onto most bicycle handlebars and seat posts (rubber sizing shims are included).

Great for places where visibility and safety are a concern. Visible to motorists over 1500 feet away.

3 LEDs on each light face forward and 2 LEDs face out to the sides, increasing peripheral lighting. The taillight is angle adjustable.

Each light has a quick-release system that makes it easy to remove from its mount when your bike is locked. Prevent theft by taking them with you!

The clip is also attachable to gear bags, allowing for more flexibility in placement.

3 modes (steady, blinking and fast blinking) help to alert drivers of your presence on dark roads. Up to 65 hours! (Batteries not included)

Note: When installing the light onto the mount, please ensure that there is a click indicating that the locking tab is in place.

Note: Please contact us at 877-985-5888 if further instruction is needed.

Up to 65 Hours Flashing Light


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